Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caveat Emptor or Let The Buyer Be Aware of Tax Scams

A number of taxpayers have a morbid fear of the Internal Revenue Service.  When a taxpayer owes the Internal Revenue Service a large tax debt this can create a tremendous amount of anxiety and sleepless nights.  Some unethical companies will pray on the taxpayer's vulnerability and guarantee or promise to settle their tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service for fractions of their actual debt.  In actuality the only one that can make such a guarantee is the accepting agency which is the Internal Revenue Service.  Be weary of paying a company that requests a large retainer up front and guarantees that they will be able to solve your tax problems.  California Attorney General Jerry Brown is suing Roni Deutch for what they are calling a "Heartless Scheme".  You can read the full story by clicking on the link.  Tax Lady Roni Deutch Sued for “Heartless Scheme”.

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